The Project

The main goal of the project is to maintain and spread a common European idea based on historical errors, developing a European future based on a common democratic basis. A three-day event series organized by Nepker, Subotica will provide opportunities for citizens for cooperation and participation for building a common Europe, and to spread a pro-European thinking. The goal of this program meeting is that the arriving guests from the partner countries and the local citizens together process the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), as well as examine how the historical events helped to strengthen the European Union. During the three days of the project workshops and programs will be organized for all age groups of citizens and delegations with the theme of Berlin Wall. The project will have an impact on the participants and their environment, but on the long-term dimension it will manifest in the people’s thinking. Our goal is to communicate the outcome of the meeting to the broader perspective of a positive future of the union, and raise the level of support for EU accession to the highest level possible in Serbia.