The project purpose



During the meeting, we want to reflect on current issues that define our everyday life and point to the way in shaping a better, more successful EU. The thematic days encompass the individual activities into a well-thought framework: they offer the opportunity to play an active role, to international exchange of knowledge and experience, to shaping views among nations and presentation of cultural diversity as well.

The demonstration of traditions, presentation of variety and national characteristics, the serves the introduction of unique cultures, demonstrating to the participants what is the real open, multicultural and unique Europe like. We revive the most beautiful heritage of the past so that it becomes integral part of our present and common future, providing inspiration for future generations.

We also provide space for creativity that is one of the main attractions and values of the area. We deal with talents in an international framework, alternating practical and theoretical activities. As with all programs, we provide space for developing talents of all ages, do not only address young people.

The program will have place for the idea of  strengthening the role of EU participation through different activities. Since the basis of functioning of our organisation is volunteering, we can present its value and social importance by practical examples. We intend to promote the cause of volunteering in Europe through sharing experience of our partners and by exchange of opinions.

Our aim is also to provide opportunities to build relationships both on interpersonal and organizational level. Through better familiarization and establishment of co-operation our project will contribute to the development of a stronger, more tolerant and open Europe, which works for the welfare of its citizens effectively.