Municipality of Kiskunhalas (Hungary)

The town of Kiskunhalas has good relations with its sister cities: Kanizsa from Serbia, Kronach from Germany, Nowy Sacz from Poland, Sepsiszentgyörgy from Romania, Subotica from Serbia and Aizkraule from Latvia. This contributes to a mutual understanding of the nations of Europe and the idea of a common Europe. The town organizes and takes part in many programmes and thanks to this the citizens of these cities can get to know each other, contribute to the successes of the European Union and build a common European identity. These programmes inculde exchange programmes for adults and children, and espeacially young people in the fields of culture, music, dance and sports. This cooperation is a good example for presenting the diversity of Europe. The town of Kiskunhalas is proud to have won prizes in partneship from the EU three times already.