The project

The three-day programme organised by the Hungarian Cultural Centre “Népkör” and supported by the Municipality of Subotica offers participation and cooperation for the citizens in building a common Europe and laying the foundations for its future, and Serbia’s future. The target group of the programme are young people from the generations X, Y and Z, who hold the key to the future in their hands, and who can present themselves and their views about the future of Europe during the programme. We have invited towns and institutions represented by young people to provide an opportunity for discussions about the future of Europe for all age groups but from the young people’s point of view.

As a candidate country, Serbia is on the road to the EU membership, but the population has a little knowledge about the EU itself, its operation, the possibilities of the democratic decision-making processes, and the country’s future as an EU member.

The aim of the project is to gather information from the EU citizens themselves about joining the EU, taking advantage of the cultural relations. The citizens of Serbia will have the opportunity to get all the information about the process of joining the EU, that will define the political decision-making of the next decades, and to hold discussions about the future of Europe and their own future taking in consideration that it is the youth who have the main role in building a united and strong Europe.

The main goal of the programme is to provide a positive experience to children, youth, adults and elderly, and shape their thinking about the EU. Therefore we offer a variety of activities for all age groups, which reflect the aim of the project itself.

For the youngest we have prepared a cultural game club in the theme of the achievements of the EU, for the teenagers amd young people we have announced a literary competition in the theme of the future of the EU, and for the adults we have organised discussions and photo theater workshops in the same themes. All the programmes provide the local and guest participants opportunities to make connections and friendships.

The older generation is addressed by the programmes which include the introduction of the participants, short theater performances, which highlight on the diversity of different cultures and the EU itself. After the shows the participants can discuss the issues raised by the performance.

In the lobby of „Népkör” the traditions, food, natural resources of the partner countries and organizations are going to be presented in the form of a photo theater show. The participants can stand in front of these big background photos illustrating different landscapes and well-known sites from the partner countries and feel like they have travelled to those places and are walking among those famous sites.

The participants from the partner towns are going to present the future of a common Europe, the rights and obligations of the member countries and also the advantages of joining the EU in the form of a workshop.

The three-day programme is a great opportunity for the participating organizations to get to know each other, their work and to build connections for long-term partnerships and cooperation in the form of future international projects and meetings.