The project


The project of „Nice to meet you!” targets to accelerate the EU tolerant understanding among the countries on West Balkan which are recently effected by immigration processes. Relaying on traditions correlated to the appropriate cultural sector, during the project lifetime it is created an event presents the real situation on Near East, which encourages the intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. The project event’s date is at 2016/08/22 till 24 organized on the central square of Subotica. The Népkör invited six partners which are also effected by the immigration issues: Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Latvia and Austria. The topic of the first day is the role of the media in the information flows. At opening event they officially open the exhibition of the pictures, where from seven countries photo reporters’ works and videos will be presented. At the afternoon photo reporter holds a presentation about the manipulating role of the media. The children corner is also open for three days. The second day’s topic is the connection among the EU citizens and immigrant crisis. Demographer, sociologist and psychologist are holding presentations. From seven countries 5-5 participants are guiding the workshops on immigration debate. On the main square of Subotica there will be organized the two-day projection on the values, beauty and the rich cultural legacy of the Near East, before the started war. The third day topic is the immigrant’s EU politic, on this topic seven partner’s EU representatives are holding public presentations at the closing event. Beside of that the short video on results on workshops are presented as well, also the drawings created at the children corner will be exhibited. As the programmme result we present the recent issue from the other perspective and call the EU citizens ‘attention that we need to meet, know and understand the immigrants before we judge. The project encourages to join our forces and practice solidarity.